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Roger Boyer


Roger is an Indigenous filmmaker based in Winnipeg Manitoba. He is a Writer, Director, Producer, and Cinematographer. Roger is one of the hosts and founders of the Aboriginal Filmmaker Collective, which is a monthly meeting at the Winnipeg Film Group where local indigenous filmmakers network and help produce one another's work. 


Roger is also a founder of the Indigenous Filmmakers Association (IFA). The IFA is a non-profit group of local indigenous filmmakers and producers.  The goal of the IFA is to grow the indigenous film community in Winnipeg and Manitoba.Roger is also a Producer of 3 Podcast shows on itunes: “Soul Unexpected with Adeline Bird”, “Ever Sick! with Stefan Richard”, and his own “Koj-B Films Podcast”.  Currently Roger is developing a documentary, a new short film titled The Fire, and working towards his next feature: Coffee Express.

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