What is IMPACT?

The Independent Media Producers Association of Cinematic Talent (IMPACT) is a national organization for independent media producers in Canada, created in order to unify our voices and better support members from Black, Indigenous People of Colour, LGBTQ2SI+, Trans, underrepresented and marginalized independent producers and companies in Canada. Our mandate is to combat systemic anti-Black racism, anti-Indigenous racism, discrimination and marginalization of Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour producers and creators of all genders, sexual identities, and disabilities in the Canadian and Quebec Film, Television and Media industries and in our companies, our projects and most importantly, ourselves. 


Can I be a member of both IMPACT and the CMPA?

Yes. We are not competing with other producer organizations. CMPA is a trade-based organization,  whereas IMPACT is focused on advocacy, activism and lobbying to create lasting change in all aspects of our industry. We look forward to working with the CMPA to work towards dismantling systemic racism and realizing equitable access to resources and opportunity for all producers in our industry. 

How is IMPACT connected to the Producer Pledge?

The organizational structure of IMPACT is currently being established and some of the original organizers of the Producer Pledge may become members of IMPACT and/or a part of the organizational structure, but these are two separate initiatives. Through IMPACT, we will be advocating for the changes required to fulfill the pledges made. You can be a member of IMPACT without taking the Pledge and you can take the Pledge and not be a member of IMPACT. 


Can white producers and production companies join IMPACT?

Yes. The mandate of IMPACT is to advocate, lobby and create lasting change for all Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour producers and creators of all genders, sexual identities, and disabilities. We want to create an industry that has equal and equitable access to resources and opportunity  in the Canadian film, television and media industry. We want and need people with white privilege to be part of dismantling white supremacy and systemic racism. We encourage white producers to join, volunteer, and use their privileged  access to help advocate for and amplify the voices and concerns of Black, Indigenous, People of Colour, LGBTQ2SI+, Trans and People with disabilities of all genders, sexual orientations. 


Who started IMPACT?

IMPACT is the brainchild and passion of Montreal-based Jamaican-Canadian and proud Black female Producer Samantha Kaine. Samantha started IMPACT because the system failed her over and over again. Samantha wanted to stand as a strong force for marginalized voices in her community and to ensure that the system does better by fully engaging for lasting change. She’s a force! 


What is the Organizational Structure of IMPACT’S Board of Directors?

IMPACT is a non-profit organization that will have 3 initial Directors, and will select a Board of Directors following initial setup.  First Board positions will have term limit of 3 years and afterwards Board member terms will be reflective of our bylaws.  The board will maintain a representative makeup  of at least 5 out of the 7 from the Black, Indigenous, People of Colour and LGBTQ2SI+ communities. 


Why were the first Board Members not elected by the members? 

When structuring a new organization, especially a non-profit organization that starts with a powerful goal to dismantle systemic racism, it is reasonable that the founding Executive Director of the organization should select the individuals who form the first Board of Directors for the non-profit. The initial Board will be reflective of the structure of the Canadian landscape and IMPACT’s governing values.


How will IMPACT make sure the board does not get co-opted by white settler producers?

There will be language to reflect this in the articles of the bylaws in compliance with the Not-for-Profit Corporations Act, 2010. We are currently in the process of working with our legal team to draft the language required for the bylaws.


What is the membership structure and will there be dues?

We are currently working out the structure of IMPACT and are working on establishing membership information and terms. As IMPACT will be addressing social issues, lobbying and advocating for lasting change.


Will there be membership engagements and membership levels?

We are currently reviewing 2 types of membership engagements: Push and Pull.  

Push - Communication will be sent directly with no log in. 

Pull - Member log-in required to receive information, messages or make changes to your profile. We are currently working out the structure of IMPACT and are working on establishing membership information. As IMPACT will be addressing social issues, lobbying and advocating for lasting change, we are currently reviewing membership levels and will have more information shortly. 



Will it cost money to become a member of IMPACT?

Our membership structure is currently being established, and will likely involve modest dues paid on an annual basis. When you sign up to receive our Newsletter, you can expect updates and information regarding membership in the near future.

Note: access to membership for Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour producers and creators of all genders, sexual identities and abilities is very important to the organization, and we are working to ensure dues are not a barrier to access for these communities.


I am an aspiring producer or creator and am new to the industry. Is IMPACT for me?

Absolutely! Through IMPACT, you will be connected to a wide network of producers and creators at different stages in their careers, providing opportunities for networking and community-based learning and mentorship. The organization strives to help emerging producers launch sustainable careers. We look forward to getting to know you better!


What perks and/or benefits will members have access to?

The current perks and/or benefits will be inclusive of our monthly newsletter, Publications, Summits/Conferences and Webinars, Mentoring, Internal training, anti-Black racism & anti-Indigenous resources. As our organization grows, the perks and benefits will also grow and change.


I share the same values as IMPACT and would love to volunteer. How can I become involved?s

Sign up and we will contact you regarding getting involved.


What are IMPACT’s governing values?

IMPACT’s governing values are: Transparency, Accountability and Measurability.  Please read our Mandate Statement to learn more about what they mean for the members and the organization.


How can I provide feedback to IMPACT?

Please send an email to: samantha@impact-aptcmi.org